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    Silicon carbide ceramic tube

    碳化硅陶瓷管 碳化硅陶瓷管 碳化硅陶瓷管碳化硅陶瓷管

    Silicon carbide ceramic has not only excellent mechanical properties at room temperature, such as high bending strength, excellent oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance, high resistance to wear and low friction coefficient, and high mechanical properties (strength, creep resistance degeneration, etc.) is the best known ceramic material.
    Hot pressing, pressureless sintering, hot isostatic pressing and sintering of the material, and its high-temperature strength can be maintained until 1600 ℃, high temperature strength of the ceramic material is the best material. Antioxidant but for all the best in non-oxide ceramics. SiC ceramics drawback is low fracture toughness, ie brittle, for in recent years to SiC ceramic based composite ceramics, such as fibers (or whiskers) reinforcement phase particle dispersion strengthening, as well as functionally gradient materials have appeared to improve the toughness and strength of the monomer.