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    Aluminum titanate elbow

    钛酸铝管弯管 钛酸铝管弯管 钛酸铝管弯管

    Aluminum titanate elbow Description:
    Aluminum titanate ceramics is orthorhombic intends brookite crystals. Average thermal expansion coefficient of 9.5E-6 / ℃, is known for low coefficient of thermal expansion of the material, aluminum titanate repeated and long-term use does not appear devitrification phenomenon at a higher temperature (1460 ℃) using can also be well adapted to high temperature oxidation problems, so it has broad application prospects, high melting point of aluminum titanate 1860 ℃, and has a low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal shock resistance, you can add in the synthesis process pore porous materials it prepared to make high specific surface area, pore connectivity, heat capacity, high compressive strength, heat resistance and finished to meet the thermal shock resistance use requirements.