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    Cordierite batts

    堇青石棚板 堇青石棚板 堇青石棚板

    Cordierite batts Description:
    Made of cordierite, mullite and glass phase composite materials using advanced production technology, professional manufacture of ceramic kiln shelf, bearing board, sagger, muffle plates, rails, plate, pillars and other high-grade kiln tools . Its refractoriness than cordierite, mullite corundum superior thermal stability, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance, long life, does not occur suddenly broken; oxidation process does not use, do not drop the dirty dregs, do not pollute the ceramics.
    Mullite - cordierite kiln furniture is less at 1300 ℃ ideal kiln and kiln refractory structural materials, widely used in daily ceramics, sanitary ceramics, building ceramics, ceramic stone, brick and tile products, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, powder calcination, industrial ceramics, technical ceramics and food processing and other fields.