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    Alumina crucible

    氧化铝坩埚 氧化铝坩埚

    Alumina crucible Description:
    TV alumina crucible was fired powder, phosphor, rare earth materials, metal materials, firing high, medium and low ceramic capacitor NTC, PTC piezoelectric ceramic and lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate best baking containers. Corundum ceramic crucible series: suitable for a variety of laboratory metal, nonmetal sample analysis and melt with. Style: arc alumina crucible, alumina crucible square, rectangular alumina ceramic crucible, cylindrical ceramic crucible, so a variety of shaped alumina ceramic crucible, to undertake a variety of non-standard shaped alumina corundum ceramic crucible.
    Alumina crucible corundum porcelain crucible features:
    1, high purity: Al2O3> 99%, good chemical resistance
    2, good temperature resistance, long-term use at 1600 ℃, 1800 ℃ short-term
    3, good thermal shock resistance, and not burst
    4, slip casting. Dry pressing thermoforming. Density