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    导丝轮 导丝轮 导丝轮

    Godet Description:
    Select the 99% or 95% of Al2O3, hardness greater than HRa88, density 3.85, ultra-fine polishing Ra0.2. Depending on requirements, the finish polishing process is divided into rough polishing (Ra 0.8), fine polishing (Ra 0.4), ultra-fine polishing (Ra0.2). At the same time be divided into single-sided super-ultra-fine polishing and fine polishing. Our products are widely used in textile, chemical fiber, cotton, hemp and wool textile. Mainly for Twister, textile machines, sword skewer machine, the whole Jing machines, silk looms, water jet looms, drafting machines, texturing and xidebamake, Japan Murata textiles and other kinds of textile machinery and equipment.