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    The extensive use of corundum products

    Since corundum products have excellent high temperature properties and mechanical strength and other properties , which is widely applied to metallurgy, machinery , chemicals, electronics , aerospace and defense and other industries. Its main uses are described below.
    ① As with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance , high strength and other properties, it is used as pouring steel sliding gate , smelting rare metals , special alloys , high purity metals, glass drawing, making laser glass crucible and utensils ; various high-temperature furnaces, such as refractories , ceramics, blast furnace lining ( walls and tubes ) ; chemical containers , spark plugs , heat-resistant anti-oxidation coating . Less than 0.5 % of the low SiO2 sintered corundum bricks are black silicon , boron chemicals, fertilizers, ammonia vaporization furnace reactor and special lining .
    ② Because of hardness, wear resistance, high strength characteristics , in chemical systems, for a variety of reaction vessels and pipes, chemical pump parts ; make mechanical parts, various molds , such as wire drawing dies , extrusion pencil mandrel mouth , etc. ; make tools, abrasive , bullet-proof materials, human joints , seal wear ring.
    ③ As the high-temperature insulation, the sleeve is used as a wire tube and a thermocouple protective tube , the nuclear reactor is still used have excellent insulating properties , combined with small losses , the dielectric constant is not large, in the electronics industry has been widely used integrated electric stove in the solid substrate tube socket , shell , ceramic frame, meager window missile radar antenna protection enclosures.
    ④ Al2O3 an ionic crystal , the structure is stable . In the high frequency , high pressure and high temperatures, it is still excellent insulation , not combined loss , dielectric constant is not large, in the electronics industry has been widely used in a solid circuit board extruded tube socket, housing , ceramic frame, micro glass windows, missile radar antenna protective enclosures.
    ⑤ corundum products, air tightness, even at high temperatures close airtight , so the power vacuum has been widely used , such as the production of a variety of corundum large tube shell, solid microcircuit dual in-line package enclosure.
    ⑥ corundum insulation materials, such as alumina hollow bricks, corundum hollow spheres and fiber products, widely used in various high temperature kiln furnace walls and roof , both high temperature insulation .
    ⑦ corundum products can be made transparent tubes , microwave fairing . Furthermore , Na-b-Al2O3 products are made of sodium -sulfur battery electrolyte material .